Training at Aikido of Athens

All training and activities at Aikido of Athens are carried out in accordance with traditional Japanese methods of Budo training.

New members

New members all begin their training in the beginners division. Here strong emphasis is placed on the following areas:

  • Learning excellent posture and basic body movements.
  • Maintaining the appropriate distance from one’s partner at all times
  • The correct application of the basic techniques of Aikido
  • How to receive Aikido techniques
  • Proper body management i.e. the correct use of the legs and hips and a relaxed but strong upper body both in the performance of techniques and in receiving techniques
  • Correct breathing
  • The proper care of one’s partner while executing techniques so that practice may be conducted in a safe but effective manner

New members remain in the beginners division for a period of weeks to months depending on their progress until they are allowed to progress to the general practice division. Once in the general division they are expected to help in maintaining the dojo, in particular in cleaning the Tatami (practice mats) and Dojo after practice.

General division

In the general division members are able to train in greater depth and to develop themselves through the following:

  • General and advanced body art classes - immobilisations and throwing techniques against a range of attacks, attacks with weapons, and attacks by multiple assailants.
  • Weapons classes training in the use of the Sword (Bokken) and Staff (Jo) in accordance with Aikido principles.
  • Iaido training – the use of the Japanese sword (Katana) in solo practice forms.
  • Meditation - Zazen meditation to develop concentration and awareness.
  • Training at seminars SEMINARS in Athens with visiting teachers as well as seminars abroad (link Album). Training at seminars is of great importance to train with other teachers as well as training with Aikido students outside ones normal training group.


The Senseis at Aikido of Athens have many years of experience teaching Aikido. Over the years we have created a dynamic training culture within the Dojo where students train with respect and safety the primary consideration while maintaining intensity and effectiveness in the practice. The strong emphasis on the learning of excellent basic skills while in the beginners division gives the members the necessary foundation for subsequent development to black belt level and beyond.