Janet Clift, 6th Dan

JANET CLIFT started Aikido at the age of thirteen in her local club in Chester, Northern England, with Steve Parr Sensei. Shortly thereafter she also started training in Liverpool with Terry Ezra sensei. Being based in Chester where the British Aikido Federation summer schools are held each year, she attended summer camps from a young age with the Shihan who taught there. At the age of 18 she moved briefly to Oxford and then London in order to train under the direction of Minoru Kanetsuka Sensei, the technical director of the British Aikido Federation.

After two years in London she moved to Tokyo, Japan to train at Aikikai Hombu dojo, the Aikikai headquarters. Living in close proximity to the Aikikai allowed for more training and less travelling so she was able to attend the classes of the legendary Shihan who were active at that time, Yamaguchi Sensei, Arikawa Sensei, Osawa Sensei, and of course Kisshomaru Ueshiba.

Her training partners were the uchi-deshi of the time, now senior teachers at Hombu dojo, such as Sugawara-sensei, Kobayashi-sensei, Kuribayashi-sensei, and Kanazawa-sensei.

After 4 years of full time training at Hombu-dojo she moved to San Diego, USA, to train with Mr T. K Chiba-sensei where she trained intensively with weapons and in Zen meditation, areas on which Chiba-sensei puts particular emphasis.

In 1994 She was awarded Yondan (4th Dan) and returned to England to open a dojo in her hometown. During this time she started travelling to mainland Europe to teach seminars. In 1997 she moved to Greece after having visited Athens several times to teach and train.

She currently holds the rank of 6th Dan and is one of the technical directors at Aikido of Athens. She is regularly invited to teach seminars around Europe, to dojos in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain.

Eamonn Devlin, 5th Dan

EAMONN DEVLIN started training in Aikido in 1982 at the Trinity College Dublin dojo in Ireland under Ken Gannon. In 1985 he moved to Birmingham, UK, and continued training under Chris Mooney. While in the UK he was fortunate to be able to participate in many of the British Aikido Federation national seminars with teachers such as Yokota sensei, Kanai Sensei, Ikeda Sensei, Hosokawa Sensei, Fujita Sensei, Sekiya Sensei, and Yamaguchi Sensei.

From 1986, with the formation of the United Kingdom Aikikai, he trained under the technical direction of Sensei K. Chiba. Also in 1986 he visited Greece for the first time, participating in some of the earliest Aikido seminars at the Athens Polytechnic dojo with C. Mooney Sensei, M. Kanetsuka Sensei, and T. Ezra Sensei.

In 1990 he moved to Greece and started teaching Aikido at the historic Budokan dojo in Ambelokipoi. In the following years, the early 90’s, the Aikido of Athens dojo, under his direction, organised many seminars in Greece with teachers such as K. Gannon Sensei, C. Mooney Sensei, N. Chiesa Sensei, J. Nour Sensei, as well as collaborating with the Greek Aikido Federation in the organisation of seminars with M. Kanetsuka Sensei and T. Ezra Sensei.

He has taught at seminars in Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, and the U.S. In addition to Aikido, he studies Toda ha Buko ryu naginata jutsu with Ellis Amdur, Shihan of THBR, in which he holds the rank of Okuden.

Panagiotis Efstathiou, 4th Dan

Panagiotis Efstathiou started training in Aikido in 1989 at the Technical University of Athens, Greece, under the technical supervision of Alexis Papas and Maria Marinerou. Since 1992 he is an active member of Aikido of Athens. He currently holds the rank of 4th Dan and is the President of the Aikikai of Greece Federation.

Maria Dimitriadi, 3rd Dan

Maria Dimitriadi started training in Aikido in 2006 under the technical supervision of senseis Janet Clift and Eamonn Devlin. She currently holds the rank of 3rd Dan and has attended seminars in Greece and abroad. In 2007 she started training in Iaido and since 2010 she teaches Iaido at Aikido Athens. She has participated in seminars and competitions in Greece. She currently holds the rank of 2nd Dan. In addition to Aikido and Iaido, she studies Toda ha Buko ryu naginata jutsu with Ellis Amdur (Shihan of THBR) in which she holds the rank of Chuden.

Janet Clift, 6th Dan

Eamonn Devlin, 5th Dan

Panagiotis Eustathiou, 4th Dan

Maria Dimitriadi, 2nd Dan