Our Aikido dojo

AIKIDO of ATHENS was founded in 1990. It is a registered non-profit society for the dissemination of Aikido. The dojo is affiliated to the Aikikai Foundation, Tokyo. The technical directors at Aikido Athens, Eamonn Devlin and Janet Clift, are authorized by the Aikikai Foundation Hombu Dojo to conduct rank examinations (Kyu and Dan).

ADDRESS : AIKIDO OF ATHENS, Chrysippou 30, Zografou 15773, Athens.

The dojo is located at the corner of Davaki Pindou & Chrysippou 30. The dojo area is well served by busses passing through Ilisia, Goudi, and Zografou. Also the many bus, trolley, and Metro lines which pass the Mihalokopoulou - Alexandras - Kifissias - Mesogeion junction are just a 10 minute walk to the dojo.

Collaborating dojos in other areas of Athens and Greece.

Special  programs  are  run  for  beginners,  senior  members,  as  well  as introductory and advanced weapons training. In addition, groups regularly travel from the dojo to attend seminars and summer training camps abroad.



The techniques of Aikido are characterised by circular and spiral movements. The triple spiral motif of the dojo is taken from Celtic stone carvings found at Newgrange in Ireland. Celtic spiral designs have been found all over Europe, from Ireland to Greece, and are believed to variously represent growth, expanding energy and the sun. The triple spiral motif is thought to represent the Celtic cycle of life, death and rebirth.

Our logo is inspired by that of the North London Aikido Dojo.