Aikido of Athens

Welcome to the website of the Aikido of Athens Dojo!

In continuous operation since 1990, the dojo is one of the oldest dojo’s in Greece with a large proportion of the Aikido teachers active in Greece having started their training and obtaining their black belts at Aikido of Athens. A full training program is available, the dojo being open 6 days a week, with separate training programs for new and advanced students.

The dojo maintains rigorous standards of training and safety. A full seminar program with teachers invited from Japan and other countries (Italy, Ireland, UK, US, Germany etc) gives members the opportunity to broaden their training experience.

The dojo’s activities include children’s Aikido (active for more than 12 years), Aikido training for the blind, weapons training, Iaido (training with the Japanese sword), meditation, and Japanese Koryu training (Toda-ha Buko-ryu Naginata jutsu).

Those who are interested in joining an Aikido school are encouraged to visit the dojo, speak with the teachers, and watch the practice to get a personal impression of the atmosphere and quality of the training being carried out at Aikido of Athens. For many people Aikido becomes a lifelong training path with many benefits in health and personal wellbeing. For such an important endeavour it is wise to visit several dojos before making a decision on which is the most suitable place for one’s own training.

The Aikido of Athens dojo collaborates with several dojos and is a founding member of the Aikikai of Greece, which is fully recognized by the Aikikai Foundation (Tokyo, Japan) for the conducting of Kyu grade (white belt) and Dan grade (black belt) exams.